The Board of Insurance Medicine is the Board Certifying body of the American Academy of Insurance Medicine. We encourage the study, improve the practice and advance the standards of Insurance Medicine. The Board also arranges and conducts examinations to determine the qualifications of candidates for certification in Insurance Medicine. If a candidate applies for and meets all the qualifications for Board Certification, the Board grants and issues certificates in recognition of their special knowledge and experience in Insurance Medicine.


We work in concert with the Education Vice President and Education Committee of the Executive Council of the American Academy of Insurance Medicine (AAIM) to co-ordinate educational activities.


We have had questions about “what is Insurance Medicine?” We define Insurance Medicine as that area within the medical profession where there is application of specialized medical knowledge and skill in:


a. the selection of applicants for insurance according to the expected morbidity and mortality of those individuals;


b. assisting in the administration of death, disability, and health claims of insured individuals; and


c. analyzing insurance morbidity and mortality experience.

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