The Oral Examination in Insurance Medicine is the final step toward achieving Board Certification in Insurance Medicine. Prior to sitting for the Oral Examination, a candidate must complete several requirements, which are described in the Requirements for Certification in Insurance Medicine.

A candidate who has completed all requirements and wishes to sit for the Oral Examination should contact the  Secretary-Treasurer of the Board of Insurance Medicine to determine whether there are any undocumented requirements. After the documentation of all requirements has been completed, the candidate should inform the Secretary-Treasurer of their request to sit for the examination. The candidate will then be contacted by the Vice Chair of the Board of Insurance Medicine to arrange the location, date and time of their examination. Examinations are generally administered in conjunction with the AAIM annual meeting, and if feasible at the CLIMOA and ACLI Medical Section annual meetings. Each examination is conducted by two examiners from the Board of Insurance Medicine and consists of a series of oral questions. Examinations are approximately two hours in duration.

The oral examination emphasizes content which is important for the Medical Director of a U.S. or Canadian life insurer with additional emphasis on disability income and long term care. Some questions take a case presentation format while others ask for specific facts. Questions are drawn from a wide variety of sources and are consistent with AAIM's Core Body of Knowledge for Medical Directors. Some major areas of emphasis for the oral examination questions include the general features, epidemiology, diagnostic criteria, laboratory findings, complications, prognostic indicators, mortality and morbidity of:


- Cardiovascular Diseases

- Oncology

- Diabetes

- Respiratory Diseases

- Gastroenterology

- Genitourinary Diseases

- Alcohol and Drug Abuse


Additional examination questions draw from knowledge needed by a Medical Director regarding:


Medical Information Bureau (no questions require a recall of any specific MIB codes)

Insurance Claims


An examinee will be notified of the results of their oral examination within two weeks of the examination date. Examinees who wish to have the CEO or other officer of their company notified upon their achievement of Board Certification in Insurance Medicine should notify the Secretary Treasurer of the name and business address of that individual.

The oral and written examinations that are required for certification in insurance medicine are given in the English language. These examinations are not offered in other languages. Proficiency in understanding written and spoken English is very important as it enables examinees to capture the meaning and intent of examination questions and/or provided answers. Individuals whose primary language is not English should consider this in their preparations for testing. Administration of these examinations to candidates who are not proficient in English or who otherwise require special assistance will be considered by the Board of Insurance Medicine on an individual basis.

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