CLICK HERE to download the current PDF version of the Core Body of Knowledge for Medical Directors, updated September 3, 2014.

The Core Body of Knowledge is an educational guide for the Medical Director. It provides principles of Insurance Medicine, tools, and resources.

Mission Statement of the Continuing Medical Education Committee of the American Academy of Insurance Medicine

The Education Committee will provide the American Academy of Insurance Medicine the structure and means to acquire medical knowledge in order to help medical directors of life, health, disability and long term care insurance to be well informed and effective in their roles. This committee will also assist underwriters and others with an interest in insurance medicine in achieving their educational objectives.

Role of the Insurance Medical Director

The insurance medical director applies current medical knowledge to enhance the company’s ability to place profitable business by undertaking research, training, and developing underwriting guidelines. An expanded role may include participation in claims, marketing, actuarial, legal, and other areas of company operation.

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