“Take your AAIM… to the next level”


I am honored by this opportunity to serve as President of the American Academy of Insurance Medicine (AAIM) alongside our dedicated group of Executive Council officers and at-large members, chairpersons and committee members, and AMA delegates. The objective of AAIM, as noted in our Constitution, “shall be to advance the science and practice of Insurance Medicine.” Together, we will carry on this longstanding purpose of our group, founded in 1889.


Within our AAIM membership is a wealth of industry experience, expertise and creativity, culminated by the many paths our members have traveled to arrive at where they are today. The beauty and value of this organization is derived from you, each and every member. What you are bringing or have the potential to bring to AAIM and your fellow AAIM members is invaluable. Even those “new” to the field can contribute and grow AAIM.


This is “your AAIM”, a member-led group, reliant on continued member involvement and dedication. Often, volunteering can be viewed as a task or a burden but ask anyone participating on committees or on council why they are involved; it’s for the love of AAIM, the advancement of this field, and for the benefits of you, our membership. It is also clear that those who involve themselves in AAIM help drive our organization’s progress, create lasting professional relationships and friendships, and actively surround themselves in current and relevant topics in insurance medicine. Indeed, these are the members who are taking AAIM to the next level.


So, I challenge you: “Take your AAIM… to the next level” by investing your talents, expertise and time in our group, on one of our committees, writing an article in the Journal of Insurance Medicine, becoming a mentor, or even presenting at one of our annual meetings or quarterly webinars. If you have yet to undertake or complete your Board Certification in Insurance Medicine, now is the time to accomplish this. AAIM is strong, but it will be stronger with you. You will benefit from your involvement, and we all collectively grow through one another.


I look forward to the continued success of our great organization over this next year. If you need any help, direction or advice as to how to become more involved in AAIM, please email me at TSteffen@Ameritas.com.


Timothy Steffen

2022-2023 AAIM President

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