December 2017


Fellow AAIM members, I send you warm greetings from the Great State of Texas, the home of the 2017 World Series Champions, the Houston Astros! I wanted to give you an update on the many wonderful things that are happening in our organization.


We just completed our 126th annual meeting in Atlanta.  Hearty thanks go out to Drs. Michael Moore and Tim Steffen for planning what turned out to be a very engaging meeting.  With excellent lectures from experts on the brain, the prostate and points between, there was a lot to be learned.  We were introduced to Slido®, an audience interaction tool, and were delighted to welcome many new attendees and greet old friends.  From my understanding, the program for spouses and significant others was truly spectacular.  And, we had delicious fried chicken for lunch one day—the kind that you can only get in the Deep South that not only fills your belly but warms your soul! 


Thanks again, Mike, Tim and the program committee for a great AAIM 2017 meeting.

While in Atlanta and not eating fried chicken, learning new tools to use in our daily work, or creating and maintaining friendships with our fellow members, your Executive Council was hard at work.  We learned many new things, not the least of which was that Dr. Hale is a master at tweeting, and we are embarking on several new projects in the coming year—more details on those later.  Some highlights of the Executive Council meeting (at least from my perspective) are the following:

  • Our membership is growing after a lull a couple of years back.  The new members are energized and want to be engaged—let’s use that to our advantage!

  • Our finances are in good standing and are on schedule to grow this year.

  • We have done a good job in submitting more articles to the Journal of Insurance Medicine, such that the most recent issue contained the Full Monty—be sure to see Dr. MacKenzie’s editorial in the most recent journal to see what that’s all about.

Speaking of the AAIM committees, I think what most impressed me at the Executive Council meeting was the commitment and passion each and every chairperson brings to his or her committee.  They make me very glad that I am involved in this organization and excited for our future.  I want to make this a call to action to support those committee chairs.  How, you ask, can you get involved?  First, even though we have seen the Full Monty in JIM recently, it cannot continue without ongoing support from you, our members, writing and sending in articles for publication.  I assure you, if you have an interesting idea for an article, Dr. MacKenzie will be more than happy to help you through the steps of getting it published.  You’ve never dreamed of being Ernest Hemingway and have absolutely no interest in writing an article?  That’s OK—there are myriad other ways of getting involved and supporting AAIM.  I recommend you find a committee for which you have interest, contact the chair of that committee, and volunteer your time for our organization—I promise you will not be disappointed, and we will all be better off for it.


Finally, I can’t thank you all enough for allowing me to serve as your President.  I appreciate it and will do everything I can to see this organization through what promises to be an incredible year.  If there is anything I can do to help, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  I have enlisted the help of Dr. Brad Heltemes, who has cheerfully agreed to be the Program Committee Chairman for the 127th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Insurance Medicine.  He has assembled an outstanding committee, and we have already made great progress in planning the coming triennial meeting.  It will be held October 13 – 18, 2018 in one of our nation’s finest cities – Seattle, Washington – at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel.  The scientific program will be very interesting for even the most experienced among us, and the social program will allow us the rest and play we need to fully integrate the lessons we will learn as we explore the truly awesome natural and man-made accoutrements that only Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest can offer.  After all, a good life is one that is lived purposefully with an appropriate combination of rest, work, and play while allowing those relationships we foster along the way to sweeten the whole thing.  So, please plan on joining us in Seattle, because it would not be the same without you.


Dum vivimus vivamus,


John F. White III, MD, MBA, DBIM, FLMI

President, American Academy of Insurance Medicine



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